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Why AdzSafe

Adzsafe Features


1. Bypass Adblocker Instantly

This effective anti ad block solution stops ad blocker right away from any browser that has adblocker installed and supports ur ads to load and to be viewed safely

2. Supports All Ads

It supports all kinds of ad formats viz display ads, video ads, native ads and pop-ups.

3. No Minimum Traffic Required

It doesn’t require any web traffic requirement, like other ad blocking solutions require

4. No Shares Of Ur Ad Revenues Required

U aren’t required to pay any percentage of ur earnings neither from the regular traffic nor from the adblock one.

5. Works With Any Ad Network

It doesn’t require publishers to replace their ad providers with a different one, u can use its services with ur original ad network.

6. Country Selection Amenity

This is an amazing feature Adzsafe provides. U can choose countries wherever u want to use ur Adzsafe code to block ad blockers.


Latest  proven anti adblocker

Are you looking for how to disable adblock successfully! Then you have landed at right place!

AdzSafe proudly is the only reliable anti ad blocker that allows ur online ads to be loaded and be seen, regardless if the visitor’s browser includes an Ad Blocker or not. The only exception is known so far to push anti adblock scripts to new boundaries, comes from AdzSafe, where the anti adblock script automatically disables adblocker software once it is detected. AdzSafe has proved itself as the only effective and reliable anti adblock solution when it is compared to the current available anti adblockers. It disables ad blocker software right away from operating in the browser and supports ads to load and to be viewed safely without interference by ad blockers. It can bypass adblock completely from interfering with online ads and stops adblockers from hurting ur online business revenue. Most importantly, it doesn`t require any minimum traffic requirement, like other ad blocking solutions require. In addition to this, it doesn`t require to change ur ad provider to use this proven anti adblocker.

All other webmasters and companies failed to provide a real solution to remove adblock, except giving u ineffective advices such as:


X Be a Beggar

AdzSafe tells u: keep ur pride
Get rid of begging; Try this proven anti ad blocker

The first common advice is to show a message to Ad Block users: “plz disable Ad Blocker on ur browser.”

Guess what, this advice is not working! Ad blocking is on the rise.

U know it, and everybody knows it: Begging is never effective to grow ur business, and it is not a good strategy to protect ur online ads from Ad blockers.

Asking users to turn off adblocker may lead to risk of deranking of ur site from search results. If a user is asked to disable adblocker, many of them would simply back out of the page.

Hence, instead of begging by asking users to disable adblocker, you should go for an ad blocking solution that completely removes adblock right away from user's browser. Adzsafe is an effective anti adblock solution that helps you to stop ad blocker from hurting ur online business ad revenues. It supports ur ads to load safely on user's browser that has adblocker installed.

X Cut Features… Demand a Paid Membership

AdzSafe advises u: Block ad blockers completely…

The other common tip is to have an “AdBlock wall”, where u hide ur website contents or minimize functions or services, and demand from visitors to have a paid membership.

We don’t like to hurt ur feeling, but no website or phone application is competition free.

The fact is, if users come to ur site and asked to pay a fee to see the content they want, most of them will look for similar content somewhere else that`s free.

Such walls prove effective only for the sites that have preexisting audience those are willing to pay for their content. If you`re in the initial stages of growing ur audience, such walls are ineffective. According to Page Fair 2017 Report, 74% of AdBlock users say that they leave websites when they encounter such an adblock wall. This makes Adblock walls ineffective at motivating most adblock users to bypass adblock, even temporarily. Unless the website in question has valued content that cannot be obtained elsewhere, an adblock wall is likely to be ineffective.

In our view, it’s unwise to be demanding and push ur visitors to bounce off ur page so they land on ur competitor’s page. It would be wise to use assured anti ad blocker like Adzsafe instead of this ineffective ad blocking solution tricks. Adzsafe can stop ad blocker completely from interfering with ur ads.


Less Ads…

Enhance the internet visitor’s experience on ur website or application: Keep ur online ad structures simpler by eliminating annoying, sticky and tedious online ads.

Too many ads jammed in and taking over the page are misleading users to ad blocking. Ad blocking has shed light on quality of ads and it is compelling publishers to improve the online ad experience. However, this isn't a long term solution. The real fact is that, better and less ads won't reduce the popularity of malicious adblockers. You should go for an ad blocking solution that can completely block adblock from operating in user's browser like Adzsafe does. Increase visits by letting ads to load safely with Adzsafe and start profiting revenues.

Increase online ad revenue, not by a short term quantity (overwhelming: more ads per visit so no visitor comes back), but by a long term loyalty (pleasant: less ads for more visits and returning visitors).

Block Ad Blockers

Ad blocking has gone from a fringe issue to a mainstream concern. The dramatic rise of adblockers continues to climb with no end in sight. Adblockers are needed to be squashed. Adzsafe is the latest attempt to block adblock. With AdzSafe, start to block ad blockers and turn ur bare and fragile online ad into an ironclad online ad… This is one simple action that will make supported Ads to be safely loaded and viewed without any interruption by Ad Blockers. This anti adblock solution helps you to recover lost revenue.