What is AdzSafe

Block ad blockers...Stop ad blocker from hurting ur online advertising business...Start profiting revenues with this amazing ad blocking solution!

Adzsafe is the latest attempt to block adblock from hurting ur online advertising business. Turn ur bare and fragile ad into an ironclad ad with Adzsafe. This effective anti ad blocker stops adblock from interfering with ur ads and supports ur online ads to load and to be safely displayed without any interference by adblockers. With Adzsafe, u can gain compensation u deserve and control over what ads are to be delivered and at what price. It does so without asking publishers to replace their online ad providers with a different one, like other ad blocking solutions require.

About Adzsafe

Adzsafe believes in enabling u to get control over ur ads and gain compensation that u deserve. This assured anti ad blocker helps u to block ad blockers that interrupts ur precious ads to load on user's browser.

Adzsafe supports ur all kinds of ad formats such as pop-ups, video ads, display ads, etc. to load as well as viewed on any browser that has ad blocker present. Adzsafe passionately believes in free internet. It has 'Free Internet Protection' tools that supports free internet providing sites to protect their content.

Because we believe in free internet and people love free content more than they hate ads. Beat malicious adblockers, Protect ur precious ads and start profiting ad revenues from ur ads with this amazing ad blocking solution!

Why work with Adzsafe

Adblocking has gone from a mild irritation to a full blown crisis. Publishers are in need to take firm action against harmful adblockers. This effective anti ad blocker has come up with firm objective to enable publishers to rightfully get compensated from their ads.

Adblocking is hurting the entire online advertising business economy. Adzsafe is trying to establish the balance between publisher who offer content, and users who consumes it.Adzsafe is the only solution to stop ad blocker that doesn't need u to change ur ad network.

U can remove adblock with ur original ad provider. In addition to this, Adzsafe doesn't need any minimum traffic requirement. This ad blocking solution protects ur ads, regardless if u have enough visitors or not. U can start to block ad blockers without paying any percentage of ur earnings neither from the regular traffic nor from the adblock one.

Adzsafe has the unique solution that provides u amenity for choosing specific countries to run ur Adzsafe code.