Are u looking for how to disable adblock with this anti ad blocker! here`re the steps to create an Adzsafe campaign to block adblock completely. Remove adblock from interfering with ur online ads in no time.

step 1

Login with your credentials on website by clicking on 'Sign In'.

step 2

To create campaign, click on 'Generate an Adzsafe' given on sidebar of your dashboard.

step 3

When you click on Generate an adzsafe link, Now you need to select Campaign type .Currently adzsafe supported 2 Ad Hammer code. Select 2 Ad Hammer code section.

On selecting campaign type i.e 2 Ad Hammer code, you'll see three sections opens there.

  1. Google custom code
  2. Main code
  3. Severed Country

Google custom code: This is required field for generating an adzsafe code. Here you need to input Google custom code available on Google AdSense website.

You can create your Google custom code by clicking on following link.

Note: Make sure you log into your Google AdSense account and your Google AdSense account is active.

Main code: This is optional field. Here you need to input your responsive ads code. This code can be Google Responsive AdSense either any ads provider code.

Severed Country: Severed Country means your adzsafe code is run only in selected country which is selected by you.

step 4

After inputting your code and selecting country, click on 'Generate an Adzsafe'. You'll get Adzsafe code.

step 5

Now you only need to download your API and copy the code. Click on 'Create Campaign' seems in orange color after copying the code.

step 6

You have successfully created your campaign. Paste the code in your website in footer section.

step 7

After uploading the API file into your root directory, link it in your page where the code is being pasted.

step 8

In the Adzsafe code you have seen“< div id="afscontainer1" > < /div>” this type of code. Cut it from Adzsafe code and paste it where you want to display advertisement in your page.

step 9

Congrats! You have succeed to stop ad blocker from hurting ur online ads. Enjoy profiting ad revenues with this amazing anti ad blocker.